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tropical blister packing machine

 Model: Wider - TP III

Technical Specifications:

Model Unit Wider - TP III
Machine speed (cycles) stroke / min max. 40
Bottom foil ( tropical film )   PVC, PVDC, ALU
Cover foil   ALU foil, Paper
Film width mm max. 245
Film advance mm max. 125
Effective surface mm max. 123 x 237
Forming depth mm 18 (25) (35)
Power consumption approx. KVA 14 KVA
Air consumption approx. L / min 250
Air pressure KGf / cm 6
Net weight approx. Kg 2,500
Reel diametre bottom foil mm max. 500
cover foil max. 250
Core diametre mm 70-76
Dimensions Height mm (approx.) 1930
Width 1157
Length 6570

Optional Equipments:

- Alu / Alu (cold) forming provision
- CCD Camera detections and fault pack rejection system
- Automatic feeder
  Track feeder, Universal feeding by brush box, Shutter gate feeding system for Alu/Alu products, Box feeder
- Color orientation for hard capsule
- Photo-cell control
- Machine paneling made of stainless steel
- Touch screen monitor

Bottom Film Unwinder Pre-heating & Forming Universal Feeder
Track Feeding System CCD Checker 1'st Sealing
Tropical Film Unwinder Tropical Forming 2'nd Sealing

Punching Station Pack Arrangement For
Downstream Machine



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