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tap density tester


Salient Features

  • Complies with USP and ASTM specifications
  • Supports both USP I, USP II test methods
  • Two cylinder holders with snap- lock mechanism for 100 ml and 250 mi cylinders
  • Simultaneous rotating and tap- ping motion assures an evenly packed surface
  • 24 x 2 alphanumeric LCD display
  • User friendly operation with menus, helpline, and current status indicators
  • Calculation of Test results like Tapped Density, Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio
  • Printer port for documenting test results as per GMP/GLP standards.

The micro controller based Tap Density Tester ETD-1020 complies with USP and ASTM specifications. The unit offers a simple and standard means of measuring the tapped density of powders, granules, pellets, flakes and other bulk sub- stances.

The ETD-1020 is a two station tap density tester supporting both USP I and USP II methods of testing. The unit allows anyone test to be performed at a time. The test can also be performed as per ASTM standards using the optional adapter for cylinder holders. Two different cylinder holders with snap - lock mechanism are designed to hold the 100 ml and 250 ml cylinders.

To ensure a free drop of the cylinder from the required height, the two stations are provided with virtually friction-free bearings. Each station is directly driven by independent motors to ensure a maintenance-free drive. A simultaneous rotating and tapping motion minimises any possible separation of the mass during tapping down.

The test can be performed in two different modes USP mode and USER mode in both test methods. In USP mode, test will run in selected method with set number of taps. At the end of the test, results like Tapped Density, Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio are calculated and displayed.

A validation report can be printed at the end of the test as per GMP/GLP requirements which includes the test parameters, test results and actual time and date on which the test was performed. It also includes serial number of the instrument along with the entry fields for user name and product details.

In User mode the number of drops can be line and displayed by the instrument programmed from 1 to 9999. The test can be performed in either of the methods i.e. USP I or USP II.

During the test the user is guided through lows the user to complete the remaining a series of prompts on the LCD display.

The on-line menus and status indicators and product details. make the operation of the instrument user friendly. The drops / minute is validated on-line and displayed by the instrument.

The value once programmed is retained in memory of the instrument. The unit has a power failure detection facility which allows the user test after the power supply is resumed.

Technical Specifications
Model ETD 1020 ETD 10 ETD 10
Test Methhods USP I, USP II,
ASTM (optional)
ASTM (optional)
No. Of Stations 2 1 1
Drops / Min 300 (USP I)
250 (USP II)
300 250
Drop Height (mm) 14 ± 2 (USP I)
3 ± 0.3 (USP II / ASTM)
14 ± 2 3 ± 0.3
Tap Count Range 1 - 9999 1 - 9999 1 - 9999
Standard Accessories
Cylinders 100 & 250 ml one each One 250 ml One 250 ml
Cylinder Holders 100 & 250 ml one each One 250 ml One 250 ml
Optional Accessories
  • 100ml cylinders (set of 6)
  • 250 ml cylinders (set of 6)
  • Adapter for ASTM
  • Cylinder holders
  • Acoustic cabinet
  • Printer
  • RS 232 serial port
Type of Drive
Direct drive with stepper motor
24 X 2 alphanumeric dot matrix backlit LCD
Printer Interface
Centronics parallel port
Printers Supported
80 Column Dot Matrix, HP Deskjet / HP Laserjet
Power Supply
220/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 23 VA
100/110 V AC 50/60 Hz 23 VA (on request)
360 L X 320 W X 200 H (approx)
Net 17 Kgs, Gross 25 Kgs


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