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semi automatic capsule filling machine

Single head machine
Double head machine

Special Features:
High, medium and low fill augurs of stainless steel
Speed choice in the powder hopper
Change over within 30 minutes
Only 2 persons required for operation
No electronic parts; easy to operate and servicing
Device to drop tablets/pellets into the body of the capsules
Uniform flow of repose in the powder hopper
Accuracy within 2 to 4 percentage

Technical Specifications
Model Single Head Machine Single Head Machine Double Head Machine
Output (Capsules per shift depending on size of capsule) 1 Lakh - 1.2 Lakh 1.5 Lakh - 1.8 Lakh 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh
Drive Motor (440 volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz) 1 HP x 1 No. 1 HP x 1No. 1 HP x 2 Nos
Vacuum Required 15" To 20" of Hg at 35 cfm 15" To 20" of Hg at 35 cfm 15" To 20" of Hg at 35 cfm
Compressed Air 5 cfm at 5-7 Kg / cm² 5 cfm at 5-7 Kg / cm² 5 cfm at 5-7 Kg / cm²
Floor Space(approx) 1850 x 1550 mm 1850 x 1550 mm 2200 x 2000 mm


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