auto microdosing / powder filling machine

This microdosing / powder filling machine is a fully automatic volumetric filling machine by auger for dry powders/ granules with very high consistency of weight control.

It is suitable for microdosing sterile dry powders powders besides filling external Dry syrup and other allied products. The system consists of independent Dosing Heads fitted with dedicated Permanent Magnet DC motors and feed back sensors for accurate individual control of the Auger revolution.

It is fitted with an assembly of pre-feeding screw conveyors and Bin Hoppers for maintaining optimum level of powder in the dosing chamber. The entire feed assembly slides back on runners for ease of maintenance and changeover.

The Bin Hoppers are of adequate capacity to allow reasonable interval between pre-filling. The Bottles/Vials/Containers of uniform size are fed from a rotary turntable, onto a wire mesh or slat conveyor belt where a bottle stopper/positioner actuates and aligns the bottles/vials/containers under each discharge nozzle and gives signal for dosing at pre-set counts.

An Independent Micro Logic Controller is provided to orchestrate the sequence of operation. The control system allows for individual setup of each dosing head in 'Single Cycle' operation, after which it can be switched to 'Automatic Run'.

All product contact parts are manufactured from SS 304 or SS 316 (on request at extra cost) with SS covers/ cladding for the entire machine structure. The complete machine adheres to GMP principles.

Pre-set revolution control with digital display and feed back sensor for accurate individual control of the Auger revolution.
Dynamic braking for precise fill weight.
Auto Powder level control to facilitate high consistency in weight control.
Weight variation 2% max. normally within 1 %.
Versatile, can handle microdosing and dry syrup powder filling.
Compact, hence minimum space required.
Quick interchangeability in minutes, with easy to set bottle guide strips for changeover.
Counter provided to count number of fills.
No bottle no fill system provided.

Filling System
Volumetric dosing by Auger
Dosing Range
100 mg. -75 gms
Dia of Bottle
20 mm. - 80 mm
Height of Bottle
150 mm. max
Power Consumption
2.0 KW Approx
Weight Variation
2% max
82" (W) x 35" (D) x66" (H)
Net Weight
400 Kgs. approx
Gross Weight
520 kgs. approx
Interchangeable Parts
As per customer requirement

To maintain optimum output the machine is supplied in the following weight combinations for which interchangeable parts are supplied at extra cost.

100 mg to 1 gm 5 gms to 15 gms 50 gms to 75 gms
1 gm to 3 gms 15 gms to 30 gms  
3 gms to 5 gms 30 gms to 50 gms  

75 to 150 Gms can be supplied with Larger Hopper and Dosing Chamber

OUTPUT fills / min
Single Head
Double Head
Triple Head
Injectable Microdosing 100 mg - 5 gm
35 - 45
70 - 90
100 - 130
Dry Powder, Granules in bottles or Containers 5 gms to 75 gms
30 - 40
60 - 80
90 - 120
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