gas fired oven for radiator baking - batch type

                                        FRONT VIEW

Overall dimensions: 2240 x 1950 x 1530 mm (H)
Working space: 1550 x 1550 x 440 mm (H)

Outside: 16 gauge thick M.S. sheet fixed on a heavy M.S. frame
Inside: 16 gauge thick SS 316 L sheet.

Made in SS 316 L inside and outside. Vertical lifting door covers an opening measuring 1550 x 440 mm. The door is counter balanced and can be moved up or down very easily.

200 mm thick glass wool in all sides, top, bottom and door.

The oven heated by L.P.G./C.N.G. (By changing nozzle)
The gas firing and control system consists of:
1. Gas burner and pilot burner with SS shroud
2. Centrifugal blower run by fractional HP, TEFC motor to provide air for combustion of the gas
3. Pressure regulating valves for the main burner and pilot burner
4. Solenoids to control the flow of gas to the burner actuated by a digital temperature – indicating controller.
5. Ignition electrode and high voltage transformer to ignite pilot burner

A roller assembly made of SS 316 L pipes is provided in the oven to load the cores in the oven. The roller assembly can be pulled out for maintenance or service.

A similar roller assembly in SS 316 L fixed on a M.S. trolley running in castor wheels is provided to move the core to the loadings stations. The trolley moves in two rails, grouted in the floor to prevent any misalignment when transferring the core into the oven.

All the controls and switchgear are mounted on a M.S. control panel fitted on the right hand wall of the oven.

Outside is finished in polyurethane paint and inside is finished to a smooth surface

                              BACK VIEW WITH GAS BURNER

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