automated friabliator

Salient Features

  • Microprocessor control
  • Programmable Counter/Timer
  • Validation of RPM and Count
  • Automated Discharge meets USP requirements
  • Supports two drums
  • Front loading drums

Microprocessor based EF- 2 Friabilator is designed to meet USP, IP, EUR, DAB pharmacopoeia. EF-2 offers a counter and timer mode of peration. The unique design allows filling and auto discharging of test samples without opening or removing the drum from its axis.

The unit has a unique front loading system, which allows upto two drums to be loaded simultaneously on the instrument. The drums are designed to positively engage with the drive to prevent any slippage. Single or double drums can be held in position by a snap lock knob.

At the end of the test the test samples are automatically discharged into their individual trays. After discharging the samples, the drum positions itself automatically for loading new samples. The drums are rotated by a maintenance free stepper motor drive with a constant speed of 25 RPM.

The test can be performed in two modes-Time and Revolution Count. The time duration and the revolution count are programmable. The values once pro- grammed are retained in the memory of the instrument. The microprocessor, self validates the speed and revolution count.

EF-2 has a power failure detection facility. If the power fails during the test, the remaining test is completed when the power supply is resumed.

Standard Accessories :
Two AD drums, two trays, One knob
10° tilt of the drum is + provided as per USP

Technical Specifications
25 RPM
± 1 RPM
1 sec to 9 hours 59 min 59 sec
1 to 99,999 revolutions
No. of drums
Drive System
6 VDC, 3.5 Kgcm Stepper motor drive
230 V, 50 Hz, 20 W
Net 12 kgs. Gross 15 kgs
350 W X 310 D X 410 H mm
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