bagging machine

General Information:
A vertical form, fill and seal machine for producing center sealed sachets handling all types of free flowing/non-free flowing powders/granules. The machine handles a single reel film stock. Max reel dia. is 500 mm on 76 mm core. The machine has the capability to be provided with a variety of filling heads. Draw down of the film is through draw down belts controlled through a electromagnetic clutch brake combination. The length of the bag is controlled by print registration system which is PLC based. For unprinted film the bag length can be adjusted from the single touch key pad provided on the front panel.

Special Features:
PLC controlled with XBT membrane keys.
AC Inverter drive for main motor speed control.
Adjustable draw down belts.
Detachable perspex and stainless steel guards.
Easy for fault finding.
Power reel unwind.
Can be adapted to seal unsupported films using impulse sealing system.
Inbuilt self diagnostic features.
PC uplink facility.
Password protection for settings.
Hourly production data.

Packaging Materials:
The machine will accept most types of laminated films upto maximum of 300 gauge. It is important that the sealing medium incorporates the best possible slip char-acteristics. Pure unsupported polythene film may be used with special impulse sealing equipment.

Filling Range:
50 gm to 1000 gm (Depending upon bulk density of products)

Input - Single phase 230 voIts AC 50 Hz
Motor - 1 HP, 3 phase 230 V, A/C motor Driven through Telemechanic Inverter.
Heaters - 300 w x 3 pcs
Temperature Controller - Radix Digital Temperature Controller with FEK thermocouple
Fully automatic photo cell control system.

Dimensions & Weight:
Floor Area : 1000 mm x 1125 mm Height : 2450 mm with Hopper
Net Weight : 1500 kgs

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