ampuole inspection machine


  • High capacity due to short transport time and simultaneous inspection of six ampoules.
  • Clear and functional illumination of objects adjustable to operator's field of vision.
  • Very positive spinning of ampoules on its axis, resulting in turbulence that clearly sets apart the visual contamination as seen by operator
    through a magnifying lens.
  • Rotational velocity infinitely variable through a timer
  • Good ampoules get collected in vertical position in delivery magazine
  • Rejection fail safe alarm, actuates buzzer if rejection does not take place if operator has pressed a button to eject it out.
  • Digital counting of Infeed and rejected ampoules.
  • Logic controller driven auxiliary motor which ensures that after spinning ampoule neck is clearly visible at all the time.
Technical Data
Working Range 6 Objects upto 18 mm dia and 125 mm height
Output 80-85 Ampoules /min
Power Required 0.55 kw 3 phase and neutral 230/240 volts 50 cycles
Operators field of vision 1140 mm from ground level
Floor space 1420 mm x 1180 mm x 1800 mm height
Weight (Net) 700 Kg


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