GROVERS manufacture equipment for the pharmaceutical, drug, chemical & other industry. Our products include: Fluid bed dryers, Vacuum shelf dryers, Tray type dryers, Dry heat sterilizers and Industrial Ovens

Apart from the range manufactured, the International Trading Arm sources, inspects and supplies a variety of pharmaceutical and chemical equipment. Product lines include: Tablet compression, Granulation & coating, Tablet testing, Liquids, Ointments, Creams & Powders, Packaging & labelling, Capsules, Dryers, Blenders, Injectables & Stainless steel furniture

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GROVERS also manufacture complete range of bakery equipment under their brand label BAKESTAR. Click here to see more details

Fluid Bed Dryer
over 500 installations



Vacuum Shelf Dryer
over 300 installations

Tray Type Drying Oven
over 2000 installations



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