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  Stainless Steel Furniture


stainless steel sterile furniture
Stainless Steel Chairs
Chair ch-01
Chair ch-02

Chair - no castors ch-03

Chair - no castors ch-04

Stainless Steel Cupboards
Garment cum footware rack cu-01
Die punch cabinet cu-02
Label storage lock type cu-03
Change part storage cabinet cu-04
Cabinet with 5 shelves cu-05
Storage cabinet cu-06
Storage locker cu-07
Label storage cabinet cu-08
Cloth and shoes rack both side use cu-09
Locker cu-10
Cupboard for linen cu-11
Cupboard for apron with shoe rack cu-12
R.M. storage rack cu-13
Cloth and shoes rack cu-14
Cloth rack cu-15
Storage cabinet for linen cu-16
Cupboard cum shoe rack cu-17
30 nos. locker rack cu-18
24 nos. locker rack cu-19
Locker rack staff change cu-20

Cupboard cu-21

Locker cu-22

Stainless Steel Trollies

Housekeeping trolley tr-01
Hospital Trolley tr-02
Hand pallet truck tr-03
Peristaltic pump trolley tr-04
Scrap disposal trolley tr-05
Washing unit tr-06
Hand wash system tr-07
Used garment collection tr-08
Trolley tr-09
Trolley tr-10
Stainless Steel Tables
Table extension belt tbl-01
Shoe rack tbl-02
Shoe rack tbl-03
Heavy duty table tbl-04
Office table tbl-05
Table tbl-06
Table tbl-07
Storage rack tbl-08
Label storage tbl-09
Inspection drawer tbl-10
Swing over bench tbl-11
Writing table tbl-12
Rack tbl-13
Table tbl-14
Shoes storage rack tbl-15
Perforated top work table tbl-16
Corner table tbl-17
Corner table tbl-18
Mobile table tbl-19
Perstlatic pump table tbl-20
Gowing benches tbl-21
Ancillary table with border tbl-22
Stainless Steel Miscellaneous
S.S. sieves holding stand fur-01
Crate fur-02
Step over bench fur-03
File holder fur-04
M.S. pallets fur-05
Aluminium pallets fur-06
Air tight container fur-07
Bucket - 16 ltrs fur-08
Mug - 2 ltrs fur-09
Scoops fur-10
Spatula fur-11
Scoops fur-12
Pressure vessel fur-13
Bucket fur-14
Single pass drain trap fur-15
Double pass drain trap fur-16
Drain trap fur-17
Hanger fur-18
Sink fur-19
Wall shelf fur-20
Storage vessel cap 50 - 100 ltrs fur-21
Storage vessel cap 200 - 500 ltrs fur-22
Sterile filling vessel cap 20 - 200 ltrs fur-23
Pressure vessel cap 5 - 20 ltrs fur-24
Pressure vessel cap 50 ltrs fur-25
Pressure vessel cap 100 ltrs fur-26
Storage Vessel fur-27
Vessel Trolley fur-28
Pressure Vessel cap 100 ltrs fur-29
Pressure vessel cap 150 ltrs fur-30


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