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conveyorised oven for radiator baking

1. Dimensions:
Overall dimensions of the bare Oven are approx. 2000 x 6000 x 1525 mm (H)

Working space above the conveyor approx 1400 x 6000 x 470 mm (H)

Dimensions of the Oven mounted on M.S. channel base including loading and unloading stations extending 1.5 M on either side are approx. 2000 x 9500 x 1725 mm (H). Out of 1.5 M on either side 0.450 M is occupied by slats. The balance is provided with free moving SS rollers to enable easy loading and unloading.

2. Construction:
a. Double walled made in three sections – lengthwise. Each section measures 2000 mm long
b. Inside liner made of 16 gauge SS 304
c. Outside chamber made of 16 gauge M.S. sheets fixed on a heavy M.S. angle frame
d. Insulation 200 mm thick glass wool in all sides, top and bottom.

3. Heating load: 68 K.W. in the first section and 60 K.W. each in the balance two sections. Total heating load = 199 K.W. The heaters are specially designed for heavy duty and are encased in SS 316 tubes. Terminals are outside the hot zone. Heaters are easily accessible for service or replacement.

4. Blower fan in each section: Axial flow fan run by 3 HP, TEFC motor provides forced circulation of air. The blower and the shaft are made of SS 316.

5. Positive Exhaust Fan: Run by 1 HP Motor helps removal of fumes formed during the process. The Exhaust from the fan may be led out by a suitable duct Fan is made in SS 316.

6. Conveyor: Radiator cores are moved from the loading station through the Oven to the unloading station by means of a slat conveyor. Slats and chains of the conveyor are made in SS 316. The return of the conveyor runs in the Oven. This would result in considerable saving in energy.

The conveyor is moved by a 2 HP TEFC Eddy Current drive allowing infinite variation of the speed of travel.

7. Temperature control: Digital Temperature indicating controllers and electrical switch gear to maintain desired temperature in 3 sections are mounted on a common control panel. The control panel is installed close to the Oven. The heaters are locked with blower fan.

8. Finish: M.S. portion of the Conveyorised Oven is finished in corrosion resistance polyurethane paint. The SS liner is given a smooth finish with grinding and passivation.


Actual Photograph From Loading End


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